Thanks to SSD Network colleague Humberto Morales for updating us on the view from inside Mexico of the arrest of 2 Chinese nationals for attempted bribery of 2 PEMEX executives. Humberto is a former GC for General Electric in Mexico and will be a regular contributor o The Anticorruption Blog on Mexico-related matters.

His post made me wonder what Chinese media were reporting about the case. Interestingly, searches of various mainland China business news publications didn’t turn up any articles. However, Taiwan-based media seem to be giving lots of coverage using the story off the wire.

One added fact that I didn’t see in the English coverage was that the arrested Foshan Meijiao execs apparently planned to pay the PEMEX executives $5,000 – $6,000 per month for the favorable contract sought; the initial $3,000 payment offered as a ‘gift’ was merely a sweetener.

Does the abundance of Taiwan media coverage suggest some schadenfreude at work?

Or, is it an instance of Chinese media self-constraint/restraint when it comes to writing about overseas missteps by Chinese citizens?

Or both?