Join #TeamSPB’s Ben Glassman, Keith Bradley and Patricia Doersch for a timely webinar on the major decisions recently issued by SCOTUS.  The panel will cover each of the recent decisions (Loper Bright v. Raimondo, SEC v. Jarkesy, Ohio v. EPA, and Corner Post v. the Fed) and discuss the consequences, as well as the opportunities and challenges, that may lie ahead.  Key topics will include:

  • What does the 2024 revolution mean for the future of the administrative state?
  • What opportunities does it present for litigating against the government?
  • How will it affect agency decision making?
  • What does it mean for regulated businesses?

The webinar will be held on Tuesday, July 16, 2024, at 10 – 11 a.m. ET. 
For additional information and registration, click here.