Two executives from a Chinese company were arrested by the Mexican Federal Police working together with the Federal Comptroller and the Attorney General’s office.This is the first time corporate executives are arrested as a result of a claim brought by Public Servants in Mexico.

On November 30th 2010, the two Chinese executives delivered $3,000 USD in an envelope along with information from the Chinese company .When questioned by the Mexican authorities the Chinese executives explained it was a “holiday gift”.

The Chinese executives are Mr. Zili Tao, President of Fosham Meijiao Trading Co. Ltd. And Mr. Xiaoting Liu who is the firm’s representative in the United States.Both individuals offered to pay Pemex officials between 25 and 60 thousand USD a month in exchange for receiving a preferential price on polyethylene contracts from Pemex.

The Mexican Federal Comptroller and the Attorney General called upon all public officers to file a claim on any attempt to bribe them in exchange for obtaining illegal benefits or preferential treatment from the Mexican Government. The prior comment reflects President Calderon’s decided effort to eradicate corruption at the public sector in Mexico.