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2018 – Problem and Promise of Cryptocompliance in Asia

The first ever bitcoin transaction occurred in 2009. Despite bitcoin’s meteoric rise in value since then, from 1 cent per coin in May 2010 to USD 17,900 per coin in December 2017, governments around the world have been extraordinarily slow to respond and implement regulatory regimes. In this three-part post, we look at “cryptocompliance” as … Continue Reading

Bribery Charges Dismissed Against Former Schnitzer Steel Executive

On October 14, 2011, the DOJ dismissed bribery charges against Si Chan Wooh, the former Executive Vice President and head of Schnitzer Steel Industries, Inc.’s (“Schnitzer Steel”) Tacoma, Washington based subsidiary SSI International which oversaw Schnitzer Steel’s South Korean subsidiary, SSI Korea. Back in 2007, Wooh previously entered into a cooperation agreement with the DOJ … Continue Reading